What will you unlock today
What will you unlock today

What will you unlock today

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* Everyday think about what you want to accomplish and at the end of the day review and course correct. That’s master productivity lesson in one line but we all know how hard it is to implement and consistently follow this through… most days just slip out of your hand. This was our inspiration behind this design.

* In its own humble way whenever you get a chance to glance at it… It will ask you… What would you like to unlock today? And just in case you are slipping into small tasks… will get you back on track and keep you at your real Game.

* These inspiration blocks are the perfect size and they will always find there space on every desk or a wall.

* We ship them with reusable and removable adhesive so that you can put them on any vertical surface if you like.

* All Positively Perfect Pieces are shipped in their own beautiful gift box.

* Designed and conceptualized by Team Pause At Work.

* Proudly hand crafted in India. Every piece is hand made and hand painted one at a time.

For Bulk Enquiries reach us at info@thegivingtree.in 

Shipping will be done within 5 - 7 days of your order.