Eco Gift Set

Eco Gift Set

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This gift set is a result of our love for the environment. What’s good for the environment is good for you. The choice to use less, reuse more, recycle when you can and refuse eco damaging consumerism takes you many steps closer to creating a greener planet for all of us.

This gift set with its free hand drawing style and our little eco mascot will warm every heart. A notebook to help you jot down your ideas and journal, a picture frame to forever cherish those happy moments, a memo box to help you write little notes and coasters with interesting tips for you to save the planet, one actionable idea at a time and to make your tea time a more reflective one. The outer box makes a great place to collect keepsakes or store stationery.

When you buy this gift you contribute to a greener planet!


Outer Box, Picture Frame, Notebook, Memo Box, 6 Coasters