Happiness is home made
Happiness is home made

Happiness is home made

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* Food always tastes the best when it is homemade and with love. Processed food and the food made in large commercial kitchens are not even a close match!

* Happiness is Homemade. Use this positively perfect to gift it to your customers and build a deeper bond with them.

* Positively Perfect are a perfect size and they will always find there space on every desk or a wall.

* We ship them with reusable and removable adhesive so that you can put them on any vertical surface if you like.

* All Positively Perfect Pieces are shipped in their own beautiful gift box.

* Designed and conceptualized by Team Pause At Work.

* Proudly handcrafted in India. Every piece is hand made and hand painted one at a time.

For Bulk Enquiries reach us at info@thegivingtree.in 

Shipping will be done within 5 - 7 days of your order.